Copywriting portfolio

You want to see my work? Jolly good!

With clear thinking, clear writing and healthy dose of fun… you earn people’s attention… then convince them to buy. So that’s what I aim for.

Explainer-video scripts

Simbify create complex B2B business intelligence software. And they asked me to write their explainer-video script in plain English.

Watch for yourself…

Website copy


HireRabbit is social recruitment software based in India. They hired me to rewrite their website’s content, so I rewrote the website so it would appeal more to their Western-based customers.

I was inspired by the tone of voice of Mailchimp.

Hire easily.

Facebook and Mobile career sites that attract bright bunnies

You’re 2 minutes away from your own Facebook and Mobile careers site

…that’s less time than it takes to munch a carrot. We know because we tried. 

[Hop In]

Ebooks & Big Content


Kapost, a marketing technology company, wanted a “linkbait” project that involved in-depth research about brands doing content marketing.

So I looked at over 200 companies, before narrowing it down to 50. I then wrote profiles about each and highlighted the things we can learn from every company. The project helped Kapost generate leads, whilst helping marketing executives do better jobs.


Likewise at Virally, I created ebooks packed with insight from biggest players in the content marketing industry.

I interviewed and spoke to content marketing managers at, Zendesk, Smartaa and large marketing agencies too.


The State of Content Marketing 2013

Sales letters


Bottlemate saw my blog, and wanted me to write a sales letter to get them new business customers.

They loved the above headline, but they couldn’t run with it. In Newcastle in Australia there’s apparently a binge drinking problem which gave this letter negative connotations.

So we changed it a bit, but it worked well at getting a couple of new customers.

Content Strategy & PR


Triggered Messaging wanted some help with their content marketing and PR. I worked with them for 3 months, and started again recently. During the period I was there, sales grew 3x in one quarter.

The work included an editorial calendar (click image for details)


I wrote content to help e-commerce directors do a better job, and also got guest blogs placed on influential marketing sites.





Clear blog articles


Mercury XRM, a CRM software company for recruiters came to me to produce blog articles for their site. I took the time to learn about the industry to write blog articles which solved problems for their customers.

Here’s an excerpt…

“Help, My Recruiters aren’t filling in my CRM!”

So you’ve just invested in a big CRM system, spending several thousands in the process. But there’s one big problem… your recruitment consultants are not filling it in.

You invested in a recruitment CRM system to keep all your records and conversations in one place. You want all your CVs in one big database. That way, everyone can access your company’s talent network.

But ironically, despite buying the software which can handle this information, your recruiters are not using it…

PR – Getting reviews for software


I can also handle PR for your company, especially in the B2B software field. I can reach out to bloggers and get your software reviewed.

When I worked with Virally I created and nurtured the relationships with bloggers which led to these articles being written about the software. This led to over 300 signups for the software.

Featured on Social Media Examiner 2k+ tweets

Razor social – On this list, 404 tweets, 362 Google readers

In summary

These are some of the tactics I’ve used to drum up business for previous clients.

Contact me if you like what you see. I can put together a plan of action to help you and your company get leads and sales.

What people say about me

“Do you know where we can find another Alex Clifford?” – Eddy Swindell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Triggered Messaging.

“Really happy with the articles you wrote, can we have another 8?” – Mark Britton, Marketing Manager at Crimson CRM

Here’s my Odesk profile:


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