I’m Alex, I’m 23 and I love writing and telling stories. I’ve always been very tuned in to people, places and dynamics between people.  What I like doing is putting the magic in everyday stories and experiences.

I’ve done all sorts of jobs, from estate agent to masseur to copywriter to event organiser. But none of them felt quite right. I had a couple of years as hermit living in Spain by myself. I got a bit depressed and wrote about it extensively (maybe too extensively on this blog).

Now I’ve come back to the UK and am working on this full time. I enjoy working with stories and it’s something that I find fun and it makes me very happy. Then it’s lovely when that magic rubs off on audiences and readers.

I’ve won a few awards. I won the ifs Young Business Writer of the Year award back in 2012 and was featured in The Times, I was also featured as a top 22 Marketer Under 22 by inbound.org. A few more prizes and things are rolling in little by little.

I don’t like blowing my own trumpet too much so I’ll let the work speak for itself.