The bigger picture of coronavirus and lockdown

I feel called to write this article because this is an incredibly exciting time to be alive. There is a virus going around which is a story that is being pumped and pumped and milked to generate as much fear and terror as possible among the masses. Yet that is only one part of a very vast picture.

But the real story of what’s going on right now is this planet is going through some major energetic upgrades. The Earth grid is lifting, a lot of the density is clearing. On a personal level, on a collective level as humanity, from the rotten institutions and systems, and from the very Earth itself. While this time may be very difficult for many as change seems to be forced upon them. This is an incredibly exciting evolutionary time here.

For the past many thousands of years Earth has been a sort of “prison planet”. It has been put in quarantine from the rest of the universe because it was so toxic. It is one of the only planets that isn’t connected to source, or is so generally disconnected from itself. It has been under the control of various self-serving groups of control, which keep dysfunctional, destructive power structures in place. This is an incredibly tough planet to be on. But what a lifetime here offered for many is a chance for major soul growth through the difficulties and the contributions it was possible to make during an incarnation here.

Therefore many of us and the people who are likely to read this – we answered the call to have lifetimes on earth. We knew the higher dimensions where we were are typically more loving, more evolved, and more civilised. The technology is way way beyond what we have as commonplace as humans in this period of time. Towards the second World War there was a risk that the Earth was going to blow itself up. Across the various galaxies and races, this has had disastrous consequences and huge repercussions when it has happened before. Therefore, the various galactic councils and groupings decided that they had to possibly reset the planet but they didn’t want to do that as it would reverse millennia of progress from the Earth evolving from a rock in the great unending cosmos. And they couldn’t intervene or interfere due to various treaties that ensured free will on this planet. So they requested volunteer souls to come and incarnate on earth. Many of us left our starry homes in extremely light and beautiful planets to come here.

Part of the deal for most incarnating here was they had to forget who they were. We would have to drop a lot of the knowledge of self, of the systems, of past lives, of all that knowledge, any of that galactic information. It was too dangerous for us to be babies with that level of light – we’d likely scare our parents and that would risk our survival. Most people who were very bright often suffered mild to severe trauma in childhood. For many our primary job was to hold a high vibration by incarnating here. That would move the majority of the population here out of tribal violence and more towards love. We’d do that by joining human families and having human lives. By doing so in significant numbers that would reverse the self-destructive trajectory that the planet was on at the end of WW2. That happened and reversed . Since then it has been decided that Earth would follow the trajectory of ascension to a higher dimension and reconnect with it’s galactic roots.

There have been battles going on for control of the Earth between those who want to use humans as a resource to be milked and farmed as energetic resources – some very dark and parasitical energies. They’re fighting with those who want human’s to wake up and evolve and develop into their wondrous and extremely beautiful selves – and help Earth reconnect to the rest of the universe and bring them up to speed. They’re bringing in the divine human template. Much of this happens in dimensions and places outside of the normal human wavelength.

From what I can see in the likely future timelines – the light has won. The control structures are dissolving and we are ascending as a species. The energetic grid structures of the planet are taking in and absorbing more light. The natural world is brighter and full of more energy. The animals feel safer and the birds are louder. The background level of support is immense for those who are open to expansion and growth right now.

However in order to continue on this new Earth, as the majority of souls will be able to – we need to keep up. We need to have a vibration that’s within a bandwidth that the planet can support. If you’re reading this you don’t need to worry. But those who are in extreme fear, extreme terror, in violent or destructive frames of mind are likely to leave. Those souls who are leaving have established plans to continue their evolution on other 3D planets which are appropriate for their highest good. Souls never die. They are eternal. But they may leave this physical vehicle.

But the main thing is there’s this huge leap and huge bridging that will need to happen. If the positive-aligned alien groups suddenly descended tomorrow, told us about how we’ve been manipulated, asked us to come aboard their spaceships and check out the rest of the galaxy. It would be a total mindfuck! Even for the more evolved of us! It would be such a shock and extreme event that it would probably kill some people from the shock, others will likely become zombie-like.

They know this. They know human nature is generally fearful. They know we’ve been traumatised for thousands of years. They know that so many of us are cut off from each other and the planet and source, therefore they need to work gently. They are extremely advanced and intelligent. Therefore there needed to be ways in which they can bring in that light as much as can be absorbed. We are in a time of awakening en masse. They want to work with us in a way we can accept, absorb and embody that light and evolution.

Which brings us to our current point in time where there coronavirus is going around. I believe the virus exists. I believe it may be pretty rough for those who are destined to get it, and may be mild for many others. I also believe that it was man-made and released by those groups with malicious intentions. They wanted to milk the fear and social disorder and choas energies. Yet I also believe it was hijacked by the forces of the light to further the agenda of mass awakening. (I’ve probably watched too many wierd conspiracy theories and channelers on Youtube) but they resonated with my own internal guidance.

Those forces of light used this period as an opportunity for major spiritual growth for those who are open to it. Look at how the society has changed in the past few weeks with major shutdowns across most of the world. People are thinking in more community-focused ways. Hearts have been opening. People have been connecting with family, friends like never before. The fear of illness and death has put many in a state where they’ve had to focus on what’s important. It’s a great leveller. The respect shown to medical staff, delivery drivers and essential staff like supermarket workers has been amazing. Companies and individuals are focusing on what is needed for others. People are trapped with/forced to enjoy or endure their families.

Simultaneously the lockdowns, and the slowdowns have been enforced meditation for many. With the economic systems the way they were, the majority of people were in a constant state of busyness and overwhelm. Now there are no plans. We live day to day in the present moment. People can process the backlog of emotions that built up during the manic times. There does seem to be a movement into collective relaxation now the shock of change has passed.

Also many of the ideas that I’ve campaigned for, that were considered crazy have been adopted basically overnight. Most people can work from home if they can instead of going on toxic commutes to sour offices.  Schools are shut. Exams are cancelled. THE KIDS ARE FREE guys! Homeschooling and unschooling are seen as real possibilities. The crazy consumer culture has slowed down, shopping centres are ghostly, and buying is limited to online shopping. Universal Basic Income and handouts are considered a real genuine possibility. Debts may be forgiven and we may have an economic reset at some point. A lot of the unnecessary excessive busyness and crustry broken structures are being torched. What is essential is essential and the rest can drop away.

I don’t want to devalue anybody’s suffering because some people are dying and are losing loved ones or losing jobs or their businesses. There is a huge stress and stretch on certain people. I believe this virus does exist. Yet there is a hugely beautifully orchestrated plan underneath it all. The surface story is masking some very beautiful changes and shifts that are emerging.

The question many people are asking now is – “when will life go back to normal?” The answer is, it won’t. Or rather there will be a new normal. My guides have said to me that this period will take as long as it takes to reach its objectives and no longer. Those aims seem to be opening hearts, getting people to be more connected and more community focused and generally raising consciousness. I also believe that there will be some big news stories or revelations emerging or coming out in the next few weeks. Some really big disclosures that people have been in the dark about. It will unveil itself at a pace we can keep up with and that may contribute to some leaps and major healing.

I know many people are in shock and fear and yes it may be hard for people to adjust. But the answer to this time is to be flexible, adaptable and surrender whatever wonderful plans are in store for you. This time asks for opening, expansion and there are huge opportunities for many who feel guided to do that work on front lines. Also just being calm alone amid the insanity, can be a major contribution. Or just being joyous and in your own world. Many spiritually focused people and myself have never felt happier. I mean I’m feeling pretty blissful at least some point during most days because there is so much light appearing on the planet. New downloads are coming into our brains, new energies, new belief systems, new ideas are being planted in the collective consciousness. And people are de-routined space to be able to absorb them. The creativity and shift is beautiful right now.

There is also a release of responsibility for other people. You can be sympathetic without being excessively empathetic. Other people’s souls have chosen the experiences they having right now, be that extreme joy, or deep and profound grief. Your only responsibility is for you and those close to you. It’s important to stay energetically light and clean and not take on the heavy, groaning, moaning collective suffering. If you feel called to help, help. If you don’t, don’t. And don’t feel guilty about whatever you choose. This has been a radical shift for me personally – of the movement to compassion for all and processing all their stuff, to now focusing on where my energy can be put to highest use, self-care, and supporting those who are on an awakening trajectory, rather than feeding stories of victimhood and fear.

The main thing though is to keep out of fear. Avoid the mainstream news, avoid social media if necessary. These are mechanisms that are highly controlled to keep you in a state of fear and manipulated. They’re holding the narrative that this is a lethal virus that will kill off everyone you know. The truth is this virus isn’t affecting many people, it’s mild for most who do get it, and it’s serving a purpose for the many billions of others who are affected by the knock on effects. Those who do pass from it have chosen to on a soul level and it is serving them in a deep way. Death is not the end for them, it’s just a change of form.

This is a dark night of the soul for the collective. I can have compassion because for many their worlds are falling apart. Yet what they don’t realise is the majesty of what is yet to come. What I see right now for this period is that this world is becoming split into divisions and various bands of consciousness which need to have certain experiences to share and learn from right now. Those who resist what’s happening will likely have a lot of suffering and learn through that suffering. Those who open and consider new possibilities and expansion are going through the most beautiful experiences, energies and miraculous openings right now. It feels good because the old systems were so crusty and dysfunctional. Now this beautiful expansive starry energy is arriving in spades.

Of course its challenging for many. If you’ve come across this article you’re ready for it. There’s a lot of healing and evolution possible right now. We’re waking up as a species and the amount of love and joy and peace that’s possible over these coming years for so many, will make these past few decades of our lifetimes look like the dark ages they really were.

I’ve been on this trajectory, probably most of my life, but there has been a major rapid acceleration since I had a major kundalini awakening/blowout in 2016. I was shown these likely future timelines at the time then, which put me in a state of profound shock and overwhelm for significant period to integrate it all. It has been incredibly difficult and lonely at times because I have significant psychic and spiritual skills and knowledge it’s really hard to relate to other humans who learn at such a slow pace. It’ has been painful to be so conscious and so psychically aware while others are just wallowing in circles. Yet the rewards, the freedom, the light is so fantastic right now. I know that I incarnated at this time and have been on such a difficult and fast exponential track because I would be needed for these times. Less so right now, this is a relative rest period. But the major shifts that are coming in the next few years will need leaders, helpers, healers and teachers who have been on their own profound inner journeys. When that time comes many of us will be deeply needed. I may not have too much rest again for this lifetime either, so I’m just enjoying this isolation period for the time being.

Awakening is a intense, grinding, difficult process at many times. That’s what is happening in the collective of humanity right now. It’s uprooting and unearthing shadows, unconscious and repressed stagnant energies and emotions. This is a very purgative time… as in we are purging so much of the grot that has accumulated from not just ourselves but so many generations of suffering.

There are immense support and positive possibilities are open now to us. The rest of the galaxy is cheering us on. Much love and thanks for taking the time to read this. You’ll be supported on your path.

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