I’d like to share this concept that I’ve always churned over, since I was younger. That is the concept of humancentricity. Or rather, how focused humans are on human things and other humans… and how within that, we miss a lot of other things, other intelligences and lose peace and wholeness.

Humans are inherently based around surviving. Biologically there is a call to have shelter, eat, stay clean and exist. Naturally we are designed to seek conditions and environments that create feelings of safety that are optimal to survival. As children certain rules and conditions are imposed to ensure our survival. Some of these are practical and useful (take care next to the road). Yet others are more of an indiscriminate uploading of the cultural operating system onto the child. For example to be safe you need to be compliant, obey authority, get a job, speak in words and be part of the culture. Otherwise you’re an outcast, not one of the tribe and that generally creates a lot of fear in an individual, especially in a dependent child.

However, especially in this relatively complex modern society with computers, phones, social networks, rapid air travel and credit cards that can magic up any product to be delivered next day… there is enough machinery and infrastructure for our survival. Technology is advancing ever more rapidly, breakthroughs and inventions come through, in real material goods terms (in terms of stuff), this is the richest time in history. We are incredibly incredibly wealthy. Of course it’s not all distributed evenly, and there is a kind of underclass doing a disproportionate amount of the unpleasant work. Yet, there are more opportunities to find meaningful work, connect with others, to travel, to do things, to explore, to make things than ever ever before.

With that, it’s possible for more “normal” people than ever before to evolve beyond the survivalist mindset which has dominated this planet for a long long time.

Going back to the original point though, everything I just talked about is human-centric. It is about humans. It’s about us. Our lives. Our money. Our resources. Our stuff.

Humans are not the centre of the galaxy. I am not. You are not. We’re all relatively insignificant. We are a relatively advanced life form compared to the rocks, the trees, the insects and the horses. At the same time we are also generally very very primitive and unevolved compared to other beings on other planets, spirits, angels, various extra-terrestrial races and species, and other more grid-like or non-human intelligences. I won’t talk too much about some of that because it can make people feel uneasy.

With that humancentricity, humans generally think we’re in control of everything. We think we know, and can know everything. It’s a wonderfully blissful arrogant easy way to go around in this world. You can see it in cocky doctors, or in politicians or in people who are so convinced of their own opinions about something like Brexit that they will argue until their faces are red. Ignorance is bliss in a way because it provides a clear channel to focus on.

But at a higher level of consciousness, there’s an understanding that everything is contextual. To somebody in one scenario, they have different experiences that shape a certain personality and worldview. To another person, with different experiences they can be totally different. On a deeper level there may be a more complex mix of things, that is neither one thing, nor the other, just nuance. It is what it is.

What’s more with humancentricity, is there is so much noise that we interact and only connect in words. And words are concepts which humans have bottled up in a sound or into a combination collection of 26 shapes (in English), to telepathically share experience. It’s all just alphabetti spaghetti.

We are not in control of many things. Every day we interact with a huge amount of intelligences all around us. Most things have an essence or a spirit or an intelligence. The most obvious things to consider are plants and animals. But objects, say a watering can, can have a spirit or an essence or an intelligence that wants to be seen and respected and connected with. However because we are so human-centric, it is incredibly rare to see beyond our own needs, dramas, stuff – and connect to the underlying essence and energy behind things.

The way I see the world now is from what would be named an animistic perspective. Animism is the belief everything has its own spirit and essence and soul. They’re alive and individual. It’s applies as much to people as it does to the rocks, to rivers or to houseplants. It could be to a certain place or park. Land and buildings often hold residues and energies of what has happened there. Houses hold an essence of their previous residents. By quieting the self and desires and tuning in, it is possible to understand the nature of somewhere and the goings on of it.

Then there are things like grids, or webs of collective energy. In a meditative peaceful state, a sensitive person might be able to read the collective energy of all the people on Facebook. Or they may be able to see the collective energy of a certain group, say football fans of a team, or say, the Royal family. Then there are fields/grids of organisational energy. Say something like money, or the labour market, or love. These organisational energies are a kind of gravity that pull circumstances together, that are very very intelligent. They’re not a being, they’re not an object, but we feel and can sense them like the wind.

Human creations also have a spirit. It’s very clear in things like books, music, or say a TV show – it’s easy to sense the energy of that tabulated media. These things carry a very strong vibrant energy which have then been captured from the ether, then transcribed and translated from an essence through a producer and creator into a shareable form. A song may have an essence that wants to appear at certain times in certain places, or to evoke a certain feeling. Everything has its own personality if you feel into it deeply enough. It’s all very vibrational and gravitational. We don’t really see it or sense it or know it most of the time. It’s like breathing, or blood circulating in our bodies. There’s so much going on so perfectly in so many complex ways that we only notice things when they go very wrong or very right.

A lot of all these things are instinctual, primal things that we don’t need to think about. I don’t need to write this post. The thing I want to share though, is that when we are not focused on strain and survival, we can live much richer richer lives. We can slow down, converse and convene with the essence and spirit of things. We can let everything bring itself to us. Also, as we go outside and beyond of our human-centricity, of needing things to be a certain way, or work out how we want to, or forcing a way on the world – other things come closer to us. In humility and peace, other things want a piece of us. We can merge and meld with other things. We can work in co-operation with the essence of the land, with the insects, with the essence of a community, the power of modern technologies, media, art, and also with the essence of play to create more loving, vibrant, healthy, spirit-full spaces and experiences. That makes this human experience very very sweet and rich, meaty and delicious.

I feel the most valuable thing you can do on this planet is honour and respect the essence of everyone and everything you come into contact with. That way most things will work to help you.

Of course writing all of the above is a bit too high level to pay bills. It’s a bit too high level and meta for me to function as a traditional human being on this planet, or be in dense human spaces. I see through the game a bit too much. But we’ll see what magic the universe has in store for this vehicle I’m in.

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