Darryl the Rainbow Pigeon

Once upon a time there was a pigeon called Darryl.

He wasn’t a black pigeon, a white pigeon or a brown pigeon.

He was a rainbow pigeon!


Nobody knows how or why Darryl was a rainbow pigeon. His parents did have some colourful feathers, but they hid those.

Darryl always stood out. The other pigeons thought he was wierd.

Darryl tried to play with them but they were stupid and boring. They just wanted to fight and poo on shoppers on the high street.

Darryl didn’t care. He was colourful and the others were not interesting. So he played by himself. He would look at himself in puddles or shiny windows.

Often he would feel an energy, then act it out. He would pull poses and become different characters.

Sometimes he’d be a parrot in the jungle.

Sometimes he’d pretend to be strict and grumpy like his grandad.

Sometimes he would dance like a gorilla.

He loved being crazy.

But then one stormy day – everything changed.

Darryl’s family invited him together. His dad looked very stern

“Big pigeons aren’t like you. You need to take responsibility. All this dancing around is all fine and dandy, but will it build you a nest? Will it bring you worms for your babies?”

“I don’t know” said Darryl.

“If you’re lucky, you might get a few scraps. It’s better to play it safe.”

After that Darryl had to join the others in formation, when they were flying and finding food.

He was actually an excellent forager. But then he had to share it with the others who were not as good.

He didn’t like them. And they didn’t like him.

They were so grey and boring and bland. They were also very slow and bad at getting food. The others talked lots about nothing. They would never hunt too much, to avoid standing out and looking too good.

It was like they were doing this to fill time and feel important. Darryl just wanted to get food quickly then go back to play.

Darryl got very angry. “How can anyone live like this?”

He would despair. He just wanted to play and dance and be. He couldn’t bare a lifetime of foraging for scraps with these ignorant runts.

The days went on. He got angrier and angrier until it became a rage.

Then he looked in a puddle and was shocked. No this couldn’t be possible. No. No. No.

Half his rainbow feathers had become a great dirty black! “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

“NOBODY GETS ME!” Darryl squarked as a long squarky wail.

He cried. Big pigeons aren’t supposed to cry but Darryl had found a quiet place alone in a field.

He felt terrible. Then he felt much better.

He did a little jig. Then he pretended to be a parrot. Then he became various different characters – one after another

Finally, he smiled and flew around in circles.

Because he was proud to be Darryl the rainbow pigeon. And he was unstoppable.

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