What really matters? Getting yourself unstuck.


Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about work. I want to earn enough to repay debts and travel to meet friends and family. I want to do something that helps other people and I know I’m capable of helping a lot.

The problem with this old life of copywriting, marketing, selling or whatever is I don’t like it. It doesn’t feel comfortable to me. It feels toxic and wrong.

I can sell some software, properties, or investments or branded bottle openers. But these are just things. They’re just products, services, they’re just STUFF! Clutter.

The really important things… what really matters, are emotions, love, care, spending your time well. I can pretend that these products etc. will make you feel great. In fact certain things will help – like a yoga break or a juice detox diet and health regimes. But most STUFF doesn’t solve the core of the problem.


And that core is: most adults feel uncomfortable in their own skins. Our consumer society thrives on people feeling paranoid and insecure. That’s why people buy insurance, cosmetics, plastic surgery, expensive cars, sugary doughnuts, designer clothes and so much stuff.

If you look at simple societies in remote parts of Europe and the world – they don’t have much, but they have everything they need. With much less mental strain that
people in “wealthy” socities have.

We can pretend that stuff gives us security. It can give the illusion of comfort for a while. But at the end of the day, you can never get out your own skin. If you’re uncomfortable in your mind… if you can’t have an honest heartfelt conversation with people around you… if you don’t feel you can play and laugh and dance around and be silly… then what is there to live for?

Sorry that’s a bit heavy and may touch a nerve and make you hate me. Oh well.


But I mean, I feel like most adults long for a place without responsibilities and heavy things. A place where they can be playful and childlike again. You know making rocketships out of eggboxes. Or dressing up as a wizard. Or making drawings of your dreams. Or dancing like nobody’s watching. And just being immediately warm with people – without any agendas.

Maybe that’s what I need to make? A creche for adults?

We’ll see in time.

What I sense is there’s a huge STUCKNESS in people I see. They can’t process emotions. They can’t see things from other’s points of view. They don’t feel they can speak up. They feel trapped in a situation. There’s a huge amount of stagnant energy in their bodies and auric field. (Excuse the new-age words)

Various addictions cover that up and make them feel more comfortable. And that’s OK. Shopping, smoking, drugs, comfort eating, workaholism, alcohol whatever. These habits are all very self-destructive on the surface. But it’s a way of getting a feelgood fix (even if temporary)

Eventually addiction will cause a breaking point – hospitalisation, bankruptcy, arguments, depression or something. Then at that breaking point, people face and address the real problem that’s been niggling all along. The layers of shame and built up crud unravel – then that’s how the whole thing heals itself.


That’s how I see it anyway. It may vary between people. I may be totally wrong.

When I see and speak to people – I pick up that energy. I’m very sensitive. I get people.

I used to be very annoyed by the energy I felt, because it didn’t resonate with me. I was hyper-intolerant. I couldn’t see things from them from their point of view. I’d get pissed off that they didn’t understand me while I didn’t understand them. So I’d be frustrated and even more intolerant.

Then one day I had an epiphany – everyone just needs to be heard, validated, acknowledged, respected, understood and loved. Without those things, we can’t communicate. So emotions get trapped in our bodies. We get stagnant and inert. We get stuck.

When we sense a warm heart in someone else, we speak up, we clear that energy and get unstuck.

What I’m good at is giving people space – hearing what they need to say, and haven’t been able to say to anyone else. I’m also very good at diagnosing problems and issues… like reading between the lines. Call it a strong sixth sense or intuition. I can read people’s energy well and give them the insight they need.


I’m proposing that I can help you get unstuck. By email, skype, in person or something else. Get unstuck, move on, clear the insecurities and feel confident in yourself.

  • Is there something that you can’t unravel or get to the bottom of?
  • What are you worried about?
  • Are you angry/frustrated/fed up with how life has turned out?
  • Can you not speak up about something that’s bothering you?
  • Are there hopes and dreams you’ve given up on?
  • Do you feel trapped in some way?
  • Do you feel the need to be busy all the time to avoid your feelings?
  • Do you feel numbed out?
  • Do you not feel comfortable in your own skin?
  • Are you worried about the future?
  • Are you battling with addiction or depression?

Well – that’s all OK. It’s not your fault. You know, it’s a perfectly normal and usual part of being human. Many other people suffer from similar worries to you. These problems arise because we live in a broken society where shame is normal and speaking your truth costs too much. Nearly everyone else is in pain, and stuck too, so they can’t hear you.

At a high level, politicians and businesspeople designed it this way to make you unhappy, and a good worker/consumer.

But believe it or not though, all your problems will pass. Then one day, sooner than you realise, all these worries will be a distant memory. You’ll laugh and wonder why you ever worried in the first place!


I’ll hear you, ask questions, give you my insight of what I sense in you – and we can work together to resolve the messiest, grubbiest, stickiest problems you haven’t been able to understand or process.

If you want to get unstuck, please email me: alexclifford93@gmail.com

You can count on total confidentiality and discretion. I feel this is some kind of calling so I want to do it. I will ask you for money if we’re successful in getting you unstuck. We’ll make sure it’s affordable and well worth it.

We can do an introductory session to see if we click. If you’re better fit for someone else, I can send you in their direction. If it’s not right – I’ll tell you.

About me

I’m a perfectionist but far from perfect. So I get pissed off at myself. I’ve often felt shame, disappointment, anger and worthless. That’s why I’m good at this. I’ve processed a lot. I get it. I don’t hide from it. I still have things I’m processing, but I feel much happier in myself than I have in a long time. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’m no guru, and but I semi-pretend to have my shit together.

However, what I can provide to you is a safe, comfortable space where you can be you.

This is what people have said about me:

“Really needed to hear this today, it’s helping me find a healing journey out of the darkness of the last few years. “– Suzanne DenHoedt

“YES! YES!! YES!!!” – Patricia Kolowska

“I found this very gentle yet thought provoking. The knowledge that others go through similar phases is a comfort in what can be a harsh and demoralising daily
existence. Thanks.” – Cathie Coxx

“This really helped, thank you. You’re a beautiful blog post writer thank you!” – Jasmine M

“I feel like a new man. When can I speak to you again?” – Dave

“My heart almost jumped out of my body….my path in life finally feels right. Thank you for sharing your story. I connect with a childs sparkle. I view my role in life
as a true gift in which I am forever grateful” – Karen Kroetsch

“You can tap into people’s energy and tell them exactly what they need to hear. You’ve been a real ray of sunshine to me today in what has been a very desolate time.
Thank you so much” – Nick

So there we go. Drop me an email: alexclifford93@gmail.com if it feels the right thing to do. If it doesn’t – that’s cool too.

I wish you well whatever you do and wherever you go.

I hope you laugh lots, love lots and eat lots of wonderful nutritious food.


Yes… laugh so hard you get wrinkles and look almost Asian

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