Computer games are better than reality

I am a total strategy game nerd.

My favourite game at the moment is Capitalism Lab.


Basically you’re in charge of a corporation. And it’s your job to dominate markets with it… and I guess do world domination.

It’s very complex. and is not for most people And it’s taken years to master. But now I’m at a stage where I’m pretty damn good.

For me computer games are much better than reality.

3D reality is slow. Things take an incredible about of time. In games, you can try, experiment, play and see what happens. You can live 40 lifetimes in the space of a few hours. You can achieve. You can fail. You can be a superstar. You can learn.

Your brain gets such an incredible work out. It makes you smart.

I think the next generation of kids playing minecraft are going to be even clever than most of my generation and my parents. And dare i say it, probably me too. Computer games are the most educational tool in the world.

No other experience in real life empowers you as a child, like a computer game.

I started playing Capitalism when I was 15. Could you imagine a 15 year old being handed CEO?

You can experience so much, emotion, acheivement, excitement in these fantasy worlds. That real life seems pointless.

These games are trancendent of this 3D reality that we live in now.

It takes you to another dimension of flow.

Society criticises screen time and games. Instead, do your work, get on with things, earn money, be a good conformist. “Everything is awesome”

But what if the dropouts of our 3D society are the most satisfied people on the planet?

Whether that’s a homeless man with his can of special brew. Or the man who sleeps in his hovel playing computer games.

So what I’m saying here is, don’t judge.

Nothing is as it seems. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the less certain everything is.

Start questioning.

Therefore… so long, and thanks for all the fish.

I realise you may not understand these riddles yet. But in time they will make sense to you 😉

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