Let’s be who we were meant to be

During my time away I’ve done a lot of soul-searching.

Who am I? What am I doing? What should I be doing? What’s the point of anything?

What’s the meaning of life?

I’ve had many of these existential crises over time.

I guess the answer I’ve come to is: the meaning of life is what you make meaningful.

What puts you in flow? What excites you so much that you lose hours to it? You know it could be your painting, your dancing, your app that you’re creating.

Looking back, I’ve drawn the dots together of what interested me. I’ve had various different jobs, worked with over 32 clients in 32 different companies working freelance. I’ve traveled to many places in the world.

What fascinates me is a certain philosophy. That philosophy is about connection.

Real, genuine soulfelt connection. That can come through a piece of art, a clever film (the Grand Budapest hotel really inspired me), a friendship that has a lot of emotional exchange, a relationship, love. It might be a great story. Or an act of bravery… cold-contacting people out the blue.

Connecting with people and creating incredible things comes from being yourself. It’s about feeling how your body is feeling, regardless of how good or ugly the truth is. It’s about facing uncomfortable truths. Then coming up with ideas and taking action to get out of it.

It comes through spending time doing what you really want to do… and what you were meant to do.

I feel the human who really lives is one who experiences it all.

Because we only get one chance in this body, so we need to make it bloody count!

No more excuses. No more half-hearted attempts at things. No more shying away or lying to ourselves or others. Let’s go and do what  we really really want to do, what we’ve shied away from for weeks, months or years. We might fail. But that’s not important. That’s not important at all. Because I want to feel energised. Let’s quit what we hate and do what we love.

We will ask for what we want. We do what’s daring, bold, unsafe. We will either go all-in on a project or give it nothing at all. We will ask for feedback even if it’s unpleasant.

We do it or we’ll die trying.

Someone once said the unexamined life is not worth living. But I think the unlived life is not worth examining.

So get up. Rise up. And let’s be who we were meant to be.

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