Herpes meant my friend could eat

If you’ve ever lived in shared accommodation, you’ll know this problem.

You cook something amazing. You put it in the fridge, but then a couple of days later you go back. Only to find…

****DUN DUN DUN****

…that it’s not there.

When I was living in San Francisco this time last year, there were 20 of us in the house. You’d have to hide your stash of nibbles if you still wanted to eat

To try and solve the problem everyone labelled their own food.

If anyone was caught eating someone else’s food they would be fined.

But it didn’t really work. Chocolate evaporated. Take-out Chinese still disappeared.  And there was seemingly nothing we could do.

Morgan, however, was clever.  And with one word – his food was never stolen again.

‘HERPES’ in big black marker pen was scrawled over all his containers

It worked because:
1) it made people stop and take notice
2) it was funny and you’d smile
3)  people would feel the need to reciprocate the feelgood factor (by not stealing the food)
4)  It might have actually contained herpes-infected food… (just kidding!)

The lesson from this is this: One clever word can totally transform people’s habits and behaviours.

Let me do that for you with my copywriting.

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