Adding value…

“The problem I’ve had with other writers is that I have to spoon-feed them” a client told me today.

“I end up having to do so much, that, I almost do enough work to write it myself. And it’s not pleasant, because you become overly critical of someone’s work. And it’s an expensive use of my time and theirs.”

So I came up with some suggestions of autoresponder-emails and marketing tools the guy could use. He was very pleased.

Wherever we are, whatever we do… we need to add value!

It’s all the bonuses, advice and help that you add on, which means that hiring you is a no-brainer.

Many people can write. But very few people specialise in copywriting.

Even fewer can offer a full content-strategy… handling everything for a client. You know, from the ‘about us’ page to the content calendar for the blog, to the autoresponder emails, newsletters and ad copy. (Shameless plug, I know, but I can do that for you – please get in touch)

Likewise in other fields… like web design. Anyone can learn web design. But the extra value you add can come as educating someone about leading design practices.

Such as optimising the User Experience of a design so that an e-commerce site converts more. The value you can add as an individual is immense.

When we specialise in something,  when we sell and always think about “how can I help this person”… that’s when we go beyond the average person in our field.

When we spend our free time training and brushing up our skills – we can become hundreds of times better than the average man in the street at something.

That’s when the world becomes our oyster, people pay us well for our work and we feel  like we’re making an impact!

And that feels good.