If you’ve just arrived here… (or rather, why I keep a blog)

Hello. Thank you for your attention.

You’re here because you know me. Or someone you know, knows me, and talked about me.

Or you were Googling something random, and stumbled across some of the drivel I’ve written in the past.

Who knows?

Well… you do evidently.

I started this blog just over a year ago to put together my portfolio, talk about books I’d read and reflections on the world.

Basically, to share my brainfarts with you, and the other stragglers who’ve made it here.


You’d be amazed at how well a blog works at getting you business.

Directly, it pulled a few copywriting clients from Google.

Indirectly, it helped clients were deliberating on Odesk, hire me.

But you know, you’d also be surprised at how it affects you socially.

As in, you might meet someone at an event… give them your card, then they read your blog. And when you next talk they’re really curious about you.

Your conversation gets past the boring superficial stuff, much more quickly.


My mum once told me that she read some of this and thought it was like a diary. And it didn’t feel like something you should put out there. She seemed uncomfortable.

You can see where she’s coming from.

But that’s EXACTLY the reason you should put yourself out there and be vulnerable.

It’s incredible how people gravitate towards honesty, openness, and your raw human emotion. And it’s uncomfortable because it’s real.

Like when you take yourself 5000 miles from home, only to hate being in that place… where you have people treat you like dirt because of their galactic-sized ego.


Or when you’re worried that you’ll run out of money, you’ll lose friends and things won’t work out.

Or when you come to the big city, eyes filled with hope and excitement.

Those things are natural. They’re truthful. They’re  real.

It comes from a place in you which isn’t some ‘face’, corporate BS or looking to please someone.

It comes from how you and I would have a real conversation if we were down the pub after a couple of pints.


When you write and reflect, it also exposes your flaws.

I’ve started a million and one projects I’ve never finished. (Or at least not yet).

These include wanting to film entrepreneurs, make a fortune through a software comparison site, do comedy, live as a goat herder, setting up a chain of officepubs and other things I haven’t written about.

I have the attention span of a gnat. And people have told me I have ADD.

I just get bored easily. But you know, that’s a real thing.


There is a point to all this rambling at you.

And that is the fact you and I both have formative experiences.

We all make mistakes. We’re all flawed in own little ways.

But if you’re honest about yourself and how you feel, people gravitate to you.

Because at the end of the day… the truth is all there is.

And on that deep philosophical note, I’m going to stop writing. I need a poo.

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