Convincing people the Queen is my Grandma… getting into afterparties at Sundance and how to be politely angry

“That’s my Grandma.” I said, scrolling through my phone.


He was convinced, and I had to hold in my laughter for a few minutes. (If you don’t know, that’s actually the Queen)

To be honest America isn’t what I expected it would be.

I thought the people in the Uncollege house would be a bit more mature. I had to send a politely angry message  this morning.


America doesn’t feel like home. You know when you’re in a place, and there’s only a few people you can open up to.

Many people have come straight from high school or college and have never lived in the “real world”. And I assumed that most people would have that experience.

The Uncollege program is great, however. And the people who organise it are brilliant. It’s allowed me to try out a new field, and make a lot of connections quickly.



I went to Sundance Film Festival. I sat on a coach for 18 hours each way.

I felt a lot of people were superficial. They were moaning about the lack of parking. They bought tickets for films they never saw because they were busy skiing.


I also charmed my way into the Sundance after party – which is quite an achievement.

I also started making some more films.


I helped a small video production company one evening.

But I’ve realised the filmmaking isn’t for me.

I enjoy the meeting and interviewing people… the human side. I love hearing people’s stories and understanding them.

I hate the actual video bit… setting up camera, editing etc.


So I’m changing tack.

I enjoy spending time with people, going for lunches, dinners and drinks with them.

I like helping people. I like sharing knowledge. I like connecting people. I like being British and charming.

I’d prefer not to be writing all the time, and churning out articles for companies, that I’m not really passionate about.

That means exploring other options.

I could do software sales, account management, PR… even run a marketing agency. In fact I have a few hot leads that I could use to start off a marketing/PR agency.

Basically I want to spend most of life entertaining clients, building a business… and doing work that matters, and makes a really positive difference in the world.


In the meantime it’s raining here in San Francisco for the first time since getting here.

It makes you feel like you’re back in England.


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