I don’t really understand America

“I’m such a dork”

Or that’s what people keep telling me. It’s a term of affection (I think).

Also, instead of saying. “Alright?” or “How the devil have you been?” people greet you with “Waddup?!?”

Whatever that means.

And I’m never quite sure how to answer that. Do you say “I’m very well thanks”, or recount your day, or just respond “whaddup!?!” back?

I’ve taken the role of novelty Brit..Harry Potter who’s on a gap year from Hogwarts.


The drinking age is 21 – what’s that about?!?

I’m old enough to buy a gun here, but not a beer.


I’ve also bought myself a pink bike on Craigslist.

I bought myself a lock too. I wanted the cheapest lock, but the woman in the bike shop said “buy that one if you want to get your bike stolen.”

Why on earth does she sell that one then?

So I bought the more expensive one.

And spent more on the lock than the bike itself.

The only problem is it doesn’t really have very strong brakes.

That means avoiding hills. Of which there are many here.

I also lent the bike to Alex who’s on the course, and forgot to tell him this. Woops.

He only discovered that my bike was a death-trap on a steep incline.

I kind of feel guilty about that.

Oh well, he survived.


San Francisco is one big adventure.

What more could you want?

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