My goals for the next month


I had my coaching meeting at 10. That hour was probably one of those useful of my life.

A few days ago, I wrote about how I wanted to share tales of entrepreneurship. I sort of had a plan but, Dale helped me clarify how I could find out which elements I enjoyed and how to make it happen.

My 1 year goals with this are

  • Make a viral video on Youtube
  • Make a pilot of a TV show
  • Write a screenplay
  • Go to 5 film festivals
  • Learn Final Cut Pro or equivalent
  • Obtain a camera
  • Learn how a camera works
  • Learn screenwriting

For the next 1 month that breaks down into this:

  • Personal style guide of how I’d like to make films.
  • Meet 10 people with experience of online video
  • Write 15 scripts for 2-minute videos
  • Make 5 of those scripts
  • Condense or expand one story into 30 seconds, 5 minutes and 10 minutes films. So I can see which I prefer.
  • Find someone with a camera to borrow
  • Interview someone who screenwrites
  • Gatecrash the afterparties at Sundance Film Festival

Dale gave me a list of 10 people involved in film in his network to contact. And he also recommeded that I informally interned and helped out at Creative LIVE or French Press Films… who are within a few blocks radius of the Uncollege house.

Immediately after the meeting I sent a couple of introductory emails for Dale to forward on. Then within minutes, I got an invitation for coffee from the Head of Marketing at Creative LIVE. HORRAY! I mean his work helps their videos reach thousands, if not millions of people.

So that’s Thursday.

In the meantime I’m going to start learning screenwriting, setting up more meetings and writing short scripts. I’m excited!

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