“It’s like Big Brother for clever people…”


… and without the cameras. Such have been the first few days in the Uncollege house. I’m so glad I’m here!

I don’t know how to describe it, but there’s such a positive and supportive energy.


The conversations you have are so good. You feel like you’re growing so much.

Like I had a conversation yesterday with David. In that 15 minutes, I feel like we’d developed more ideas than I’d had in the last month.

It’s like an idea orgy.

I mean I’ve always wanted to be around people who are bright, motivated and entrepreneurial. People who have the same outlook on life. You can bounce ideas off people, they’ll make suggestions, and then it’s just mind-blowing. Really really mind-blowing.

There’s 20 of us in this house aged about 18-22. Some people have come straight from high school or college. Some people have been outside education for a few years.

Lots of people are entrepreneurial and have run their own business. They have experience, they have drive, they have ambition. It’s just life-changing to be around.

We’ve all bonded and got so close over the last three days. That was largely in part thanks to Jolana and Joe, two people who ran the orientation workshop yesterday.


We opened up. We cried. We shared traumas and fears. We shared our dreams. It was so moving to be in that atmosphere.

We then went outside and wrote our goals, and things that would hold us back, on planks of wood. Then we karate chopped them! It was a such a great metaphor and so cathartic. And so incredible to be part of that moment.

Of course there are the downsides of living around so many people. Some people are night owls and want to listen to music and stay up all night. Some are early birds and want to get to bed early. There’s a small amount of conflict and tension, but everyone’s emotionally intelligent enough to communicate about it and empathise.

I also realised how isolated my friend group had been. I mean in London, most of my friends happened to be gay men around 30. So being around the fellows has been eye-opening, and challenging.

If you knew how it felt to be here, you’d hop on a plane straight away. And I’m so excited about the next 10 weeks!

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