I don’t really understand America

“I’m such a dork”

Or that’s what people keep telling me. It’s a term of affection (I think).

Also, instead of saying. “Alright?” or “How the devil have you been?” people greet you with “Waddup?!?”

Whatever that means.

And I’m never quite sure how to answer that. Do you say “I’m very well thanks”, or recount your day, or just respond “whaddup!?!” back?

I’ve taken the role of novelty Brit..Harry Potter who’s on a gap year from Hogwarts.


The drinking age is 21 – what’s that about?!?

I’m old enough to buy a gun here, but not a beer.


I’ve also bought myself a pink bike on Craigslist.

I bought myself a lock too. I wanted the cheapest lock, but the woman in the bike shop said “buy that one if you want to get your bike stolen.”

Why on earth does she sell that one then?

So I bought the more expensive one.

And spent more on the lock than the bike itself.

The only problem is it doesn’t really have very strong brakes.

That means avoiding hills. Of which there are many here.

I also lent the bike to Alex who’s on the course, and forgot to tell him this. Woops.

He only discovered that my bike was a death-trap on a steep incline.

I kind of feel guilty about that.

Oh well, he survived.


San Francisco is one big adventure.

What more could you want?

Going to Creative LIVE


Today I met up with Rick Silvestrini,  the head of marketing at creative LIVE. They make educational videos and workshops about photography and business and things like that.

He was great to meet.


It was very startuppy. Very San Francisco.

I told him about my plans to make films about entrepreneurship. He told me about a few examples of people who were doing really well with similar projects.

He offered to let me shadow their production team for a day or two.

Also gave me some tips about accelerating how I learn it.

Now need to start making some films myself. I have a couple of ideas in mind.

My goals for the next month


I had my coaching meeting at 10. That hour was probably one of those useful of my life.

A few days ago, I wrote about how I wanted to share tales of entrepreneurship. I sort of had a plan but, Dale helped me clarify how I could find out which elements I enjoyed and how to make it happen.

My 1 year goals with this are

  • Make a viral video on Youtube
  • Make a pilot of a TV show
  • Write a screenplay
  • Go to 5 film festivals
  • Learn Final Cut Pro or equivalent
  • Obtain a camera
  • Learn how a camera works
  • Learn screenwriting

For the next 1 month that breaks down into this:

  • Personal style guide of how I’d like to make films.
  • Meet 10 people with experience of online video
  • Write 15 scripts for 2-minute videos
  • Make 5 of those scripts
  • Condense or expand one story into 30 seconds, 5 minutes and 10 minutes films. So I can see which I prefer.
  • Find someone with a camera to borrow
  • Interview someone who screenwrites
  • Gatecrash the afterparties at Sundance Film Festival

Dale gave me a list of 10 people involved in film in his network to contact. And he also recommeded that I informally interned and helped out at Creative LIVE or French Press Films… who are within a few blocks radius of the Uncollege house.

Immediately after the meeting I sent a couple of introductory emails for Dale to forward on. Then within minutes, I got an invitation for coffee from the Head of Marketing at Creative LIVE. HORRAY! I mean his work helps their videos reach thousands, if not millions of people.

So that’s Thursday.

In the meantime I’m going to start learning screenwriting, setting up more meetings and writing short scripts. I’m excited!

“It’s like Big Brother for clever people…”


… and without the cameras. Such have been the first few days in the Uncollege house. I’m so glad I’m here!

I don’t know how to describe it, but there’s such a positive and supportive energy.


The conversations you have are so good. You feel like you’re growing so much.

Like I had a conversation yesterday with David. In that 15 minutes, I feel like we’d developed more ideas than I’d had in the last month.

It’s like an idea orgy.

I mean I’ve always wanted to be around people who are bright, motivated and entrepreneurial. People who have the same outlook on life. You can bounce ideas off people, they’ll make suggestions, and then it’s just mind-blowing. Really really mind-blowing.

There’s 20 of us in this house aged about 18-22. Some people have come straight from high school or college. Some people have been outside education for a few years.

Lots of people are entrepreneurial and have run their own business. They have experience, they have drive, they have ambition. It’s just life-changing to be around.

We’ve all bonded and got so close over the last three days. That was largely in part thanks to Jolana and Joe, two people who ran the orientation workshop yesterday.


We opened up. We cried. We shared traumas and fears. We shared our dreams. It was so moving to be in that atmosphere.

We then went outside and wrote our goals, and things that would hold us back, on planks of wood. Then we karate chopped them! It was a such a great metaphor and so cathartic. And so incredible to be part of that moment.

Of course there are the downsides of living around so many people. Some people are night owls and want to listen to music and stay up all night. Some are early birds and want to get to bed early. There’s a small amount of conflict and tension, but everyone’s emotionally intelligent enough to communicate about it and empathise.

I also realised how isolated my friend group had been. I mean in London, most of my friends happened to be gay men around 30. So being around the fellows has been eye-opening, and challenging.

If you knew how it felt to be here, you’d hop on a plane straight away. And I’m so excited about the next 10 weeks!