2014 – I want to tell the stories of entrepreneurs


On Thursday I fly out to San Francisco. I’m going on the Uncollege Gap Year.

I’m doing it because I want a change of scenery.

I want to explore the world. I want to meet people who think differently… and didn’t do the conventional thing of school, uni then a job.

I want to be living with people who make their own destiny.

I’ve set up my own marketing business in London for 6 months. I found myself clients. I worked with them.

But I don’t want to be doing marketing forever.

What really interests me is entrepreneurship… and how people did their own thing. I also love connecting with people, interviewing them and getting to know them on an emotional level.

I think being entrepreneurial is the highest state of living. Because you take control of your future. You persuade. You have ideas. You act them out. You feel the fear. You do it anyway. And you get a rush when it works out. You create things in the world that benefit people.

So I want to use this year as an opportunity to create films that focus on entrepreneurship. I’ll create business documentaries and have interviews with famous entrepreneurs. I might talk to shoe shiners on the streets of Brazil. I’ll find something that works.

I really want to create films that inspire.

That'll be me next year

That’ll be me next year

It might put a smile on your face. Or make you gulp with tears. What I want to create are films that shine a light on an unusual type of person… and tell stories that are rarely told.

Now, I’ve got lots of learning to do. Things like how to make a film and what equipment to get. I’ve also got to make friends and influence people.

At this moment in time, I’m a complete numpty really. I’m reading one good book and have been watching and making notes on lots of documentaries on Youtube. But I’ll learn.

I’ll be writing my story and learning journey here. That journey might be painful. It might be exciting. I might completely fail. But whatever happens – I hope you enjoy it.

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