Care and you will sell

I just got a sales call.

A self-published book company,  Authorhouse, that was following up with me.

I’d requested information so that’s ok.

But the telemarketer was diabolical, because he wasn’t personal.

He just said “we can publish your book”.

Then talked and talked and talked.

At no part did he ask what I was writing about.

Nor did he ask what inspired me to write anything.

He did ask how far it was… Which isn’t  very far.

He just had NO EMPATHY.

He told me all about their discounts.

All about their company and the packages.

But he just didn’t care.

He talked for 3 or 4 minutes without letting me get a word in.

He didn’t let me think. It was just blah blah blah!

I had to cut across him 5 times. To ask a question… Then said he was just getting to that point.

Finally I told him how to do a better job.


Ask questions.

And focus on the other person’s needs not how you can sell to them.

Although  I said you should be personal and ask about what book the person is writing… He still hadn’t asked me what I was writing about.

Him him him. Authorhouse Authorhouse Authorhouse.

So I put the phone down.

Empathise with the human being at the end of the phone and you will sell.

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