“What do you do?”

Little words can make a big difference when you introduce yourself to someone.

Typically within the first minute of meeting somebody that inevitable question will come up…

“What do you do?”

By carefully picking and testing the words that you use, you can spark better conversations

Once upon a time I’d say things like

“God knows… I’m a marketing executive interested in technology” – which would usually switch people off.

“I do marketing” – That was a surefire conversation killer.

“I’m a copywriter.” – That usually led to the person assuming I was a patent lawyer who trademarked things.

But then you test things out

“I help geeks explain themselves better”… which usually leads to a few questions about what I really do.

“I’m an astronaut”… which is always fun to pretend to be.

“I put complicated software into plain english. Translating from Geek to English”… which usually makes them laugh.

When you start talking to new people you typically have 5 seconds to engage them I found…

You have to dangle a carrot and make them jump for it…

The more people you meet, the more chance you get to test these responses.

Then you refine them until you know exactly what to say, to get someone to react how you’d like.

The same principles apply in copywriting. Because it’s the written word equivalent of communication.

Whether that’s emails, brochures or anything else… if you test what you’re saying on a person first, you’ll get a better response.

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