We’re tiny

When you move to the big city, you realise how much exists beyond you.

You’re a speck of sand in the Sahara.

A snowflake in the Antarctic.

Then you realise there’s such a big world outside your head… and your thoughts. Which is the only thing that matters beforehand.

And in the entire history and size of the universe we’re effectively nothing.

We’re nothing.

We basically don’t exist.

Which is reassuring, really.

It puts things in perspective.

And makes you feel like you can do something “crazy” or “risky”… like setting up a business… or talking to someone you find hot… or phoning up someone to sell to them.

Because when you transcend what you think… and realise how small these “risks” are… they’re so tiny, they basically don’t exist.


How do you sum up someone’s life in one sentence?

“Jerome… he’s so gonna be my husband, but he better not give me no crabs.” she told her friend on the phone (and the entire bus)

I couldn’t help myself laughing.

Because one sentence like that can show you entirely how someone thinks.

It’s their excitement.

Their desires.

Their fears.

And as a writer or copywriter… That one line is a nugget of pure gold.

Get out the building

I went to a hackathon recently…

If you’ve not come across that, It’s a weekend of where technies and entrepreneurs come together

It was well organized but I didn’t really enjoy it,

because I think these things are designed the wrong way around.

It basically says… build something this weekend than sell it later.

But good, lean businesses are the opposite.

They find a customer…

find a problem and a pain…

then build a solution around that.

They sell the idea well before it’s been built.

You can get paid before something’s been made.

Get out the building…

and you can create a business that works.

You’ll change more than you think

I wanted respect, prestige, money… my parents and friends to think highly of me.

I wanted to be an actuary.

But after interviewing a few of them (for a book I wrote), I realised that would be too dull for me.

So then,¬†I wanted to be a trader in the City…

I went for a job at BP, and a seperate apprenticeship.

I got the apprenticeship… but it was a bum offer so I said no.

Then I marketed a finance company.

Then a tech startup.

And I’ve mellowed out a lot.

I don’t really give a monkeys about doing something prestigious because I’ve found those people tend to be bored and pompous.

And now do copywriting for software companies…

I don’t want to do this forever. After my gap year, I think I will set up a business of some sort.

My point is we all zig zag.

We change.

We’re like the pinball in the machine.

Rocketing around.

Bing bing bing!

And we all change, all the time.

We learn more about ourselves.

We’re in flux.

Constant evolution.

… always aiming to be better, more excited and happier.

And we’re often wrong about the future.

We presume that things will stay as they are right now.

But your desires, your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions…

They change a lot more than you expect.

But what does it matter?

… as long as you enjoy the journey there?