What the Carribean taught me about business


The suite cost 3000 Euros a night.

My sister was installing artwork from her gallery there.


We had the island’s equivalent of the Chuckle brothers to help us put it up.

“To me… To you. A moi… A vous.”

Now it was a nice room with a great view over the harbour in St Barth’s.

But is it worth that much?

You could find a better place that would cost much less.

So why do people book it way in advance? And pay over the odds.


Its something you and I care about subconsciously.

Brands will pay millions to improve it.

It’s a trigger that makes people buy without thinking…


Usually being very good at something is good enough.

But the thing that makes it that much more valuable… Is what people say about it… And who knows about it.

Staying in that suite says more about the person who stays there… Than the room itself.

They have bragging rights. That’s very important to the mega-rich who stay there.

How does this apply to you?

It’s better to spend more time on marketing yourself and developing your network than making your skills marginally better.

Because business is all about reputation. And who knows you.

Because you could have the best hotel room in the world, the best violin skills in the world or be the world’s best chef.

But if you don’t interact with the world and build your reputation, you won’t get discovered.

We all need good marketing.

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