Host an event

I co-hosted a networking event on Sunday.

It was supposed to start at 3.

I was worried nobody was going to turn up.

It got to 3:10. Nobody.

3:15. Nobody.

Oh no.

It’d seemed like the longest few minutes of our lives.

Oh well at least we had 6 bottles of wine ready between the two of us.

Then 3:20. 3 people turn up.

Then another two or three.

Then some more.

You mingle people about. You make sure everyone is speaking to everyone and they’re topped up on drinks.

People were laughing and having a good time.

At the end lots of people swapped numbers

The thing with events is you create a melting pot for everyone. You get them chatting to each other, helping each other and making friends.

You create value on a massive scale. You connect people. You make people feel like they belong.

That’s the key to modern world… creating value.

You create social capital – people want to spend time with you and trust you.

You create financial capital – people recommend your services… and buy from you.

And you also just get a really warm glow from it (as cheesy as that sounds). We got this email afterwards…

Hey thank you to you and Alex so much for hosting such a great Sunday social. A very lovely relaxed bunch. Sorry was a bit tipsy so hope I didn’t offend anyone! I had fun and so did Ankur. 

What kind of event could you host?

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