Everything happens for a reason

I sometimes think of the time I was applying to uni.

I applied to Cambridge. On my AS-level results day I was miserable.

I got AABB grades, but I knew that wouldn’t be good enough to get in.

On the day I got rejected, I was really really low. I didn’t ever consider that I wouldn’t get in.

So I sulked around. And felt awful… because I’d pinned my identity on getting that achievement.

But it’s in those lowest moments of soul-searching that the best things come out.

In fact it made me question the real value of university at all.

And in fact, it led to a chain of events where I’m a lot happier than I would have been if I went to Cambridge.

What I have now is real freedom.

I don’t have to turn up to boring lectures/lessons.

I don’t have exams that bore me to death. 

I can choose which set of people I spend time with.

I don’t have a boss to answer to… I have clients (but I can choose them, and the projects I take on)

I don’t have lecturers to answer to.

That freedom of time and energy and choice is beautiful.

And it makes you think… everything (even if it’s really bad) is probably happening for a reason.

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