Don’t work in an office… work in a pub

I was on my second pint… writing some kind of sales letter.

I’d had the breakfast deal where you get a coffee and bacon sandwich for £2.15

The wifi was free.

Then there was lunch, where you get a massive burger, onion rings, chips and a pint for £5.69.

It was marvelous.

I love Wetherspoons.

Then it hit me…

Why don’t more people work in pubs?

How much do companies waste on ugly office space, fluorescent lighting and uncomfortable chairs?

How much do people hate working in such buildings?

Then when people need lunch, they have to walk through the rain for a cold, limp egg mayo sandwich from Sainsbury’s.

Why don’t pubs market themselves as office space?


For employers: you won’t have to pay for office space. You save thousands and thousands a year.

For employees: there’s drink on tap, decent pub grub on tap, entertainment on tap (fruit machine, billiards, darts) and there’s wifi for all the work you need to do.

For the pub: you have punters all day long. Especially during the day, which is typically a quiet period.

The thing is we’re more productive when we’re happy. And most office environments aren’t conducive to happiness.

I understand that most employers wouldn’t want to buy into it because they’d think their teams are slacking off.

But when you look at what most people do in their jobs… they rarely do more than 2 or 3 hours of productive work.

And if they have something to look forward to, and they’re in a jovial environment… they will get those things done.

OK – you’re not sold on it yet?

Well, a bar in Spain has already bought into the concept.


We stumbled across La Oficina Taberna in Madrid.

“The Office Tavern”

Inside, freelancers, creatives and office workers were crammed in…working away on their laptops with a cerveza next to them.

It’s a working concept.

I got talking to a guy called Manuel whose English was rather good.

“I can work in a shared office space but it cost €90 a month to go.”

“Or I can come here, I have tapas, drink and people… very friendly”

So why don’t we bring this concept over to the UK?

Why don’t we liberate the UK’s depressed office workers?

Alright, there may be a few more typos in our emails…

and you might have to BYOP (Bring Your Own Printer).

But don’t we deserve to be merry?

Happy people are productive people.

What’s more, The Office Pub will save companies skiploads of money.

Don't be these losers who actually pay for office space

Don’t be these losers who actually pay for office space

It will reinvigorate the economy… lead to thousands of new jobs in the hospitality industry and rescue Britain’s boozers.

What’s not to like?

Let’s create The Office Pub now.

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