Spaces influence you


The Victorians knew how to build.

Houses were created with bricks, and high ceilings and elegance.

Along with parks and squares.

There’s none of that grandeur anymore.

New homes are built on the basis of “what can we cram on this plot?” And everywhere is tarmacked over.


It’s grim. There was an estate near us in Whitstable.

These places have no amenities. No parks. No places for people to go.

People just live insular lives in their cardboard homes and watch cardboard TV.

They don’t go out.

There is no outdoor space for them to go.

Everything about these estates is that cardboard sense of mediocrity.

Don’t question things. Do your job, watch TV, get a mortgage, get a spouse, get 2.4 children, make them do their homework, get them to go to uni, retire, do some gardening… Then die.

That’s what these estates make me think of.

Most people happily live like that. I don’t object.

But for me that’s boring.

I want to be a Victorian.

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