First world problems…

“We don’t have enough space for any new art or furniture” they moaned.

Seriously? I thought.

Is that a real problem?

You see, we don’t know how lucky we are in the first world.

I hired virtual assistant in Egypt. He helps me with admin tasks.

By day he works as an engineer. A skilled job.

He slogs his guts out with that.

Then in evenings and weekends he worked on spreadsheets online for me.

Guess how much his day job pays him?

About 4000 Egyptian pounds a month.

That’s about ~£350 a month. For a highly skilled job.

There are people who are less qualified that survive on much much less.

The only problems most of us have are first world problems.

But they seem dreadful and insurmountable.

In reality we’ve never known real struggles.

Problems are all a matter of perspective.

Do they really exist, or are they in your head?

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