Recruiting teachers

He’d asked for my help.

He’d had 8 interviews and there were 2 jobs.

Their CVs were all the same.

They were all “passionate” about history. They wrote copious amounts about their qualifications.

If you’d have changed the names, nobody could tell the difference.

So it came down to the interview.

He ruled out 5 because he didn’t really like them.

That’s what most recruitment decisions come down to really

…Whether you like the person.

On reasons for rejection, he wrote “needs more experience in schools”. Which was a copout answer.

He had 1 definite yes.

And there were 2 left over who both deserved it.

I suggested flipping a coin.

But he had to think about himself.

One of the girls was very streetwise.

And he suspected that she’d probably hound him for feedback and appeal the rejection.

So he gave her the job.

On the basis that rejecting the other person would be less hassle.

I think that’s a perfect example of how we all think.

We pick people we like and who make our lives easier.

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