Trying standup comedy

I’ll be honest with you.

I feel like I’m far too serious all the time.

I take myself too seriously.

I take my work too seriously.

For most of my time at school I was a straight A, stick to the rules student.

But I’m bored of that. I want to lighten up.

You need more fun and mischief in life.

I want to be funner. So I’ve signed up to a standup comedy for beginners course.

We had a first session on Thursday. I really enjoyed it, so I signed up for more.


I want to make you feel like this

I’ve also signed up for an open mic standup night in Camden next Thursday.

So I’ll get a terrifying 5 minutes in front of an audience.

I’ve been writing some material. Some mediocre. Some good. And now I’m going to test what I think are the best.

And hopefully I won’t get rotten fruit thrown at me like they did in mediaeval times. 😛

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