10 things I’m most afraid of


1. Running out of money (although I’d hopefully find a job in the worst case scenario)

2. Negative feedback from my copywriting clients. I tend to get too attached to my work and it feels like I’m Dracula with a stake through my heart when I hear bad news.

3. Becoming lonely. I was quite a loner at school because I didn’t really find anyone I connected with. Now it’s got better but I’m still worried about that.

4. Managing to mess things up somehow and burn bridges. Whenever something goes really well, sometimes somehow it doesn’t work out afterwards.

5. Public speaking… Like I’ve done it before to small groups. But I want to get over that fear with big groups.

6. Being boring… I don’t know, but with some of my writing I become a bit robotic and emotionless. I wrote about pensions for goodness sake… How dry is that?

7. Feeling like a fraud. Some days I just feel like “what right do I have to do this?”

8. Not having the balls to set up a proper business. I want to set up a scalable business… But I’m afraid of not having the confidence to do it.

9. Not being able to connect with people who are more influential than me. I’m afraid that won’t reply or won’t want to help.

10. Feeling powerless to change things. There’s lots of things I’d like to improve especially education… But it’s a big big mountain to climb and I’m worried that I won’t be able to persuade people.

Hey ho… I hope I’ll be fine.

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