I’m not investing in Eastern Poland


When foreigners try to advertise in Britain it rarely comes across well.

Especially when the advert comes from a bureaucrat.

“What will you do when your child asks you why you didn’t invest in Eastern Poland?”

Firstly I don’t think I’m likely to have kids.

Secondly if I did at some stage, I’d ask why on earth they’d ask such a question.

Thirdly, I doubt eastern Poland is a good place to invest.

Thanks but no thanks, Eastern Poland business committee.

Save your money.


How folks in the City cope


Commuter trains are awful.

Suicidal looking office workers.

All on their way to their highly-paid, slightly dull jobs.

6:00AM departure from the Home Counties.

And that’s why Southeastern Trains are geniuses for this advert.

Who wouldn’t want a gin and tonic to start their day?

The perfect addition on the drinks trolley.