You’re here thanks to millions of people

How many people did it take for you to be able read this?

You’re on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Think how advanced that is.

You’re reading this because of the work of thousands, if not millions of people.

You are able to thanks to the Chinese factory worker who put it together.

That boss who oversaw the operation.

That salesperson who won that order.

I think we should be grateful for everyone involved. Every different chip and part has a similar story.

We should thank the sailors on the boat it travelled in.

Thank the oil rig worker who got that ship’s fuel out the ground.

Thank the engineer who envisaged what your device would look like. And made it happen.

Thank the guy who invented WordPress.

Thank the people who popularised blogging.

There is such a complex invisible pipework which led to you being able to read this.

You are so fortunate.

Millions of people have worked to make this moment possible now.

And it’s all for you.

Don’t you think that’s incredible?

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