I went into my old school today…


I went into my old school today.

It was a class of Year 11s. They’re all 15-16 and they’ve been getting career advice.

Uni, college, school. Blah, blah, blah.

To spruce things up a bit, my former teacher invited me in.

I talked about the past year.

How it was really tough to start with.

And I was worrying about what on earth I was going to do.

How I persuaded someone to give me my first job.

How I got an incredible education from my old boss, Liam who was awesome.

How I started working for myself, setting up my own business helping software companies grow.

They were a bit wowed when I said I’d been offered 3 jobs in the past two months in Barcelona, London and Kuala Lumpur.

We then talked in a group of 10.

“So what do you guys want to do?” I asked.

One wanted to be a psychiatrist – “yeah you need to go to uni for that I said.”

One wanted to be a sports physiotherapist – “after you’ve done your training that’s all about marketing yourself. You could begin by offering services for free if you can’t find a job.”

One, Ruby, said “TV chef” almost embarrassedly.

Like she wanted to do it, but felt like it was a stupid thing to have said.

What's to stop Ruby becoming the next Nigella?

What’s to stop Ruby becoming the next Nigella?

“Why not?” I said. “You could start by cooking in your kitchen. Get your friend to film you and then upload it to Youtube.”

“Look at other Youtube chefs. Comment on their videos. Get in touch with them. Try and pair up and create videos together so you attract part of their audience.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s rubbish to start with. You’ll create things. You’ll learn and improve on it.”

You could see her eyes light up.

You spark off something there.

You show that its possible.

Loads said they didn’t really know, even after some cajoling – but that was fine.

Another kid later on said he wanted to be an architect. So I put him in touch with a friend I know who’s in his fourth year of architecture.

He was delighted.

The school want me to come in for one day a week now. And talk to kids.

There’s funding for careers advice.

I love seeing that spark in someone’s eye.

Helping them see what they could do.

Opening doors for them.

Because that’s amazing.

One thought on “I went into my old school today…

  1. Dude, that is awesome, Alex! You’re making me want to go to my old high school and do that. Hell, in fact I just might! I’m going back to Cali in a couple weeks before my Philippines adventure! I don’t see why I shouldn’t kick some ass and inspire.

    I know the look you’re talking about. The “Holy crap, that’s possible?” look. Keep doing what you’re doing. I guarantee you that you’re making a difference.

    Hope we cross paths soon!

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