A little bit of courtesy would go a long way

“That’s right. You could write off 70% of your debt now.” Says a deep male voice

“Press 5 to speak to one of our operators and be sent an information pack.”

I press 5.

“Can I start by taking your current debt level?” She shrieks.

“Can I start by taking your name?” I reply.


“OK. How are you today Lauren?”

“Good thanks.”

“Well I’m glad to hear it. I’ve just got this call and I didn’t really want it. Can you remove me from this list.”

“OK. Good bye.” After about 15 seconds of being on the phone to me.

Talk about manners. The girl had none.

“What’s my current debt level?” How about asking me about how I am?

How about being a human being rather than a ditzy robotron.

I know she has a horrible job. And a horrible boss. But please…

Manners maketh man and woman. And she could convince a lot more people if she had them.

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