There’s so much crap nowadays.

Tat you buy. Crap TV. Crap food and drink. Time-wasting work.

That’s why I’ve grown to like minimalism recently.

Like applying it through everything.

Cutting down 80% of everything, and making space for things that matter.

I got rid of 5 boxes of clutter in my room the other day.

Things like postcards. Big ben in a glass crystal. Old school books. God knows why you keep them!

Things which you’re never going to use again. All thrown out, or donated to charity.

And put sentimental old notepads, and photos, in a box which will be in my autobiography one day.

The thing is, we all carry so much junk about.

Things which we move around all the time, and hoard. But never question the value of.

Next year, I’m going to be travelling around the world with a small suitcase.

I don’t need all that tat. I can’t carry it on long-haul flights. So it went.

Same with TV. Get discerning about what you watch. I saw the Apprentice Final last week, and some documentaries on BBC iPlayer. That was it.

Same with writing here. Cutting out all the unnecessary words. And things which pad out a paragraph. So I get maximum meaning quickly.

Same with work. Picking projects which you enjoy, with great clients and great pay.

You don’t need a traditional 9-5 job.

Since I’ve gone freelance, I’m doing a quarter of the hours, on average. For the same money. Plus you can pick your clients.

Likewise for food. Really taste food, is it good? Does it feel healthy and nutritious. Get rid of the chocolate bars and crisps. And think about what you eat.

Same with exercise. You don’t to spend forever driving to a gym. Changing. Doing weights. Changing. Showing. Driving home. That probably takes a good hour and bit overall.

Just do some intense exercises in your living room to Youtube videos. Like this 5 minute fat burning for abs and this chest work out for pecs and upper body.

Once you start doing these things you trim back the crap.  You laser-target what really excites you. You feel healthy. And you have more time, more money and more freedom.

That’s amazing.

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