Doing vs. Competing

There’s often too much focus on competing, rather than doing things.

What do I mean by this?

Well in school, it’s all about fighting for university places.

With the assumption is that once you’re in, you’re set for life.

Likewise in jobs.

Elbow your place at an interview.

Answer the questions. Tick the boxes.

Then once you’re in, you’re set for life in the corporation.

It’s like: work hard now. Then you can be lazy for the rest of your life.

But this all puts too much emphasis on the run-up, rather than the end goal.

The doing.

The making.

The coding/managing/creating/selling.

Schools train people to think that the competing is important.

Winning at the admissions process.

Answering the questions, the way the HR/admissions tutor wants them answered.

But that’s not important at all.

It’s the doing which counts.

Like the young aspiring filmmaker who’ll make films regardless of whether other people approve of them or not.

She’s not looking to check off a mark scheme. She’s doing.

In contrast you have people who brown-nose the boss to get a promotion.

Well, if you want to get on good terms with him, be an outsider. And email them out for a coffee/lunch. Teach him something.

It’s easier to win favour with someone when you’re not competing for his job.

Being able to do, is far more important than being good at competing.

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