Outsourcing through Odesk, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr is magnificent for businesses.

One, it breaks down work into tasks.

Businesses can get a fixed price for each job.

You can find an amazing worker, and get it done tomorrow. No faffing around with recruitment.

Two, it breaks down boundaries.

You can hire someone in the Phillipines who’ll do a decent job.

And he’ll cost a tenth of the cost of somebody in the first world.

He can use his skills, and get paid at a rate, well above the local average.

And businesses can reduce all their costs.

What this means is: it sucks to be an employee in the first world.

Essentially, someone overseas can probably do the same job as you, for less.

So most instruction-based jobs will be outsourced away.

Things like graphic design, data-entry or coding.

The more commoditised it is, the easier it is to outsource.

Because there’s more supply, than demand for it, in general.

Too many people want jobs with instructions. Rather than jobs which require creativity and initiative.

Because that’s how schools have trained people to work, across the globe. To await orders. Not to lead.

And the only permanent jobs that will exist, are those for people who are enterprising.

People with initiative.

People who can manage projects.

People who can be imaginative.

People who can sell. And know what people really want.

Labour and skills are cheap.

So if you can draw the dots between what people buy, and what your online workforce can make…

And be entrepreneurial…

Then you’ll do very well for yourself.

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