What do people want things?

What is desire?

Subconsciously, I think everybody wants the same things. You want to feel loved, important and feel like you belong.

You might not have ever thought about that. But that’s what motivates most people.

And everything you buy is an expression of that.

Rich people buy luxury goods because they’re lonely. And it’ll make people envy them, and want to be like them. They think.

A smartphone because your friends have them (and it connects you to them).

A gym membership because you want to be more attractive, and be valued more for it.

Business software which improves results, makes your boss happy with you, and appreciate you.

Every purchase you make is rooted in your desire to feel good.

Make people feel loved, important and like they belong… and you’ll make them happy.

Happy people buy. And if you can sell, you can have anything you want.

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