There’s a lot to be said for getting out your comfort zone.

Being comfortable doing crazy things.

Failing and not minding.

School trains you to avoid failure and find it painful.

You seek approval from a teacher.

But the best way to learn is through mistakes. And make mistakes often.

As you get comfortable with learning through mistakes… you become ballsy.

So we got a badly-written letter from an estate agent recently.

“Dear Homeowner, As a homeowner you will no doubt be aware of the changing news of the day regarding the housing market and there is no doubt that it can be depressing or uplifting in what is a fragile equilibrium of supply and demand. Blah blah blah…”

What an unreadable letter.

But I saw this as an opportunity.

I emailed the estate agent and said “it looks like you need a professional copywriter.”

A diplomatic way of saying – “it’s rubbish!”

He told me it was written by the best estate agency trainer/letter writer in the country, but he was open to new ideas.

So I met him.

Explained how I could do it better.

Sent him a rewritten letter.

And he didn’t like it.

Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t have paid because he seemed like that kind of person.

But I was being ballsy.

With the go-get-’em spirit.

And I learned. Learned that some people want to pick your brains. And the people who most need marketing, are least willing to accept that and pay for it.

The people who go-get-’em, make things happen.

And they learn the most.

And do the most.

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