Americans vs the English

American people and English people are very different in business. Or so I’ve found.

In general, American business people seem to be the sunniest people on the planet. If you get in touch, they’re always helpful, make introductions and believe in you.

If you want to make something happen there, they’ll encourage you.

Yet, most people in England are very different.

It’s this kind of gloomy selfishness. This kind of “I’ll elbow my way to the top”. And “what do they want now?!”.

“Oh, you want to start a business, good luck with that, but you’ll probably fail.” – is the attitude most people would give you.

It’s the difference between “let’s go-get-’em” and “what’s in it for me?”

The difference between thinking the world is abundant with opportunity, and being suspicious of people stealing your idea.

The difference between being helpful, and saying “it’s not in my job description“.

Hopefully, that attitude will change over here sometime.


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