Life is Sales and Marketing

Businesses spend 20-40% of their revenue on Sales and Marketing.

Sales and marketing is the veins of everything.

The shop with its assistants.

The factory which won the business to manufacture smartphones.

The management who convinced the finance people to invest in their plan.

The agency which won the marketing budget.

Nothing happens without sales and marketing.

Sales and marketing takes ideas. Makes them reality. Then gets people to take them up.

The whole marketing and sales industry is about one thing. Connecting. Connecting people who want something, to those who can provide it.

Short circuit that connecting, and you create a lot of value.

Google. Want to buy something? It’ll send you to information about that thing, and people who sell it. It’ll also send you to people who have paid for the privilege of appearing there.

Ebay. Want to buy something second-hand? You can buy little things from anywhere in the world. Something which couldn’t have existed pre-internet.

So if you want to create a lot value in people’s lives, find a way of connecting buyers and sellers on a large scale.

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