Today I launch my business –


Alas, a week after I decided to create this business, . It’s now off the ground. Well, I’ve got a half-decent website, updated my LinkedIn profile and I’m telling people about it now.

Will it work? I couldn’t predict that! But now I need to talk to people and validate my idea. I’ve made assumptions about what people want – and now I need ask the market. If it doesn’t have any traction, I’ve wasted a week and £50 on domain names, hosting and a WordPress theme. So hardly the end of the world! But if it does work – it could be mega!

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How I’m planning to start a business since I lost my job

9:36pm last Thursday, I got a text form my boss saying that an investor has pulled out of our startup. So therefore we were all out of jobs! It wasn’t a total surprise. It looked like it was on the cards for a while because like many tech startups, we’d built a product which the market didn’t want. But in a sense, losing my job was a blessing in disguise.

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