Why awesomeness is the future of business

Nobody uses the word awesomeness and business in the same sentence. It’s like asking a boring, suited CEO to dress up in a llama costume and expecting him to do the macarena. It just doesn’t happen. Well, you saw it here first. I just put those words together. You see, I think that the future of business is awesomeness. And the people who create awesome businesses will become extra-ordinarily wealthy.

In fact I think we’re going to see a kind of new industrial revolution soon. Where lazy, unfriendly, crap businesses are pushed aside by fun, helpful and awe-inspiring new companies. Below are the features of what makes a business awesome and how you can be part of that change.

Make people feel great!

If you can make people feel good, they will buy from you again. It’s the reason why market traders still exist. People could get things cheaper, and easier from the supermarket. But they go to the market because they like the experience. It’s human. They get to chat to people.

It’s the same with sales. If you’re a nicer person, and make someone feel good, you’ll sell more things. It’s simple. But often people don’t think of kindness and goodwill as their main priorities.

Good customer service is free advertising.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories like this. When somebody dropped their iPhone accidentally down the toilet, they took it back to the Apple store and they replaced it for free. It’s the same at Ikea – they guarantee your purchases until you get home. Once we accidentally dropped a vase in the car park, so we got it replaced for free.

The thing is – if people can tell stories like this about you then you’re getting loads of free advertising. And even more than that, it’s a recommendation! People actually spend their own time talking and listening about you because of how you’ve made them feel.

Content marketing will be a necessity

If you wanted to make a few million pounds over the next few years, I’d recommend that you set up your own law/accountancy/financial services firm. And spend all your money on content marketing. Make the things under those topics in plain english. You’d do astronomically well!

There are so few decent sources of information out there, that you’ll have a huge advantage. Loads of people would phone you up, because you’ve been helpful to them. And because there’s such a huge margin on those services, you’d make a killing.

Content marketing is such a valuable and underused tool. I think you’ll be able to tell how good a company is, compared to its competitors by comparing their content marketing.

Constant, rapid, mini-innovation

Have you read the Lean Startup? You should if you haven’t. It’s all about how businesses can innovate as quickly as possible.

The way to think of the business world is like Darwinism. Companies who survive are those which easily adapt to new circumstances. Companies who are like the dinosaurs, can’t changeand will die off.

Ideally in a business, you’d want skunkworks/labs/incubator. It’s where people can create new things, experiment and innovate. If it’s a good change, you keep it. If not, you move onto another little project. You can do hundreds of these little project every year. Maybe a tweak on the website. Or a new product. Or A/B testing a colour, it’s all experimentation. It’s not surprising that people like Steve Jobs, hailed as the God of modern technology, started in Apple’s skunkworks.

Allowing people to make mistakes

Too many offices are run like armies, I think. And that’s a bad thing. People should be free to express themselves. People should be free to go wrong. Even if it’s a costly mistake, if someone’s learnt from it, then it’s a positive experience. When you say that making mistakes is bad, you get a culture where everyone’s apportioning blame and fresh ideas are culled. Awesome companies will let people be right and wrong.

Having a fun place to work

If you have a fun place to work people will be more creative and have a better experience. If people feel better, they’ll do better work. There’s probably a study on that somewhere, but I can’t be bothered to find it, and it makes sense.

I’m not saying you need to put spacehoppers in your office, or have a pool table. But if you have a healthy, banterous, awesome place to work where people can unwind, you’ll attract the best people out there.


If you can be just a fraction of awesome, you’ll do very well. You’ll survive, you’ll innovate, you’ll make tons of money whilst making people feel good. And that’s why awesomeness is the future of business and that’s what I’m going to do with my own business…when I get to that stage 🙂

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